Who Made This Thing, Anyway?

Candid Matush and Sean

TuftsRecipes allows you to upload your own recipe that uses ingredients found at the dining hall. Whether it’s a fusion of juices, mix of entrees, or blend of sauces, TuftsRecipes lets you show off the interesting concoctions you’ve come up with throughout your Tufts years. Then, fellow Jumbos can then enjoy your ideas!

Tufts Recipes was created by two Tufts students, Mathurshan "Matush" Vimalesvaran and Sean "SpeedyG" Deneen, who wanted to change the way meals were eaten on campus. After two grueling years of three meals a day at the Tufts dining halls, even the best of foods start to get old. So, the duo decided it was time to bring light to the hearts (and stomachs) of Tufts students, and started amassing an exhaustive list of the most innovative recipes they could think of.... with all the ingredients coming straight from the Tufts dining halls. Shout out to Matt Kwan for the original concept!

After developing for over a year, we would like to present the best thing on Tufts campus since Winter Bash 2013: Tufts Recipes. We hope this cookbook serves your needs and satisfies you in ways you couldn't even dream of. Check out our full list of recipes, or, if you're feeling adventurous, we encourage you to add your own recipe!